Pricing and Booking



All packages can be applied to either an indoor shoot or an outdoor shoot. No shoot will exceed 2 hours unless more than 5 looks are required. Each "look" refers to an outfit change. 


I love shooting outdoors with different backgrounds and lighting to give my client a variety of options. Indoors I have the same mentality, I have a variety of backdrops and lighting schemes to give my client exactly what they want and need.


The two things I value most during a session are comfort and collaboration. I want each person I shoot to feel comfortable during their session because this comfort translates beautifully into your pictures. Collaboration is extremely important during a shoot because this session is for you, I am here to capture you looking and feeling your best.






Basic Package $350

2 looks

Each additional look $50

2 edited photos 

Each additional edit $35




Advanced Package $450

3 looks

Each additional look $50

3 edited photos

Each additional edit $35




Professional Package $600

5 looks

Each additional look $50

5 edited photos

Each additional edit $35






A la carte


1 look $200

2 looks $300

3 looks $400

4 looks $500

Additional looks $75 per




My in-house retouching includes the removal of stray hairs, blemishes, dark circles, cleaning and smoothing the overall skin, whitening the teeth (if desired) and enhancing the eyes (ever so slightly, again, if desired). Though not mandatory, I recommend it to get the best results possible. 


1 retouched photo $35

2 retouched photos $65

3 retouched photos $90

4 retouched photos$110

Each additional edited photo $20




Deposit and Cancellation


Deposit and cancellation 

A $100 deposit will be required at the time of booking the appointment. This deposit confirms your shoot date and is non-refundable. If you must cancel your appointment, a 48-hour (2 day) cancellation notice is required from the time of your shoot in order to use your deposit toward rebooking your shoot. This is a one-time transfer. After the second cancellation the deposit will be forfeited.



To book an appointment,